What Does Great Coaching Look Like?

7 October 2021 UYF Podcast

What Does Great Coaching Look Like?


What does it take to be a great coach?

In this episode, we’re talking about what great coaching looks like and what it doesn’t look like. Sure, there are basic skills and characteristics that a coach needs to have, but I want to get into what really separates the good from the bad. 

There are three types of people that we need to have around us: people we can learn from, run with, and teach. Coaches are people we learn from, so that’s the piece of the puzzle that we’re diving deeper into in this episode. 

Whether you’re a coach or coachee, knowing what makes a great coach is super valuable.



In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • What great coaching achieves 
  • Changing your mindset to come from a place of abundance 
  • Figuring out what you want 
  • Characteristics of bad coaching 
  • The importance of trust between a coach and coachee 
  • The power of good communication 
  • How to know when you are winning as a coach 
  • Understanding your strengths
  • How to build trust and deepen connections 


What do you need to stop doing to be a better coach? What do you need to start doing or do more of? The better you get at asking and answering those questions, the faster you’re going to move towards whatever it is you desire.

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