Stepping in to Your Unique Genius

4 March 2021 Mindset

Everyone is unique, but that’s also why we’re all the same…what makes you YOU?  

There are a couple of questions that you could ask yourself to get to the core of what makes you unique:

  • What does my genius look like?
  • What are my superpowers?
  • What does my highest, most authentic self look like?

He has blessed you with certain traits that He didn’t give anyone else.  You can use these traits to serve everyone else AND express your life’s purpose. 

Self-exploration is the MOST important journey that you’re ever going to take to any success or happiness.  During this journey, most people board the wrong bus: they get on the bus of somebody else’s life.  Instead of uncovering your truth, you’re encouraged to do what everyone else is doing.  That’s not for me, that’s not for YOU.  Picasso said, “The meaning of life is to find your purpose and the purpose of life is to give away that purpose.”  

In this self-exploration journey you’ll find one of the many benefits of constantly working towards your truth: you really begin to own your unique genius.  

By owning your unique genius, you’ll find the freedom to be yourself; no one can tell you how to BE you.  You’re eliminating so much stress because you’re not forcing yourself to conform to other people’s wants. You’re going to find some people that may have truths that don’t align with yours.  Here’s some tips to help you in safeguarding your self-exploration journey:

  • Set boundaries for yourself AND others-If someone asks you to do something that doesn’t fit in your plan, it’s OK to set boundaries with them.  Let them know, “Thank you for asking, but in order to honor the existing commitments I have, I’m going to have to say no to this.”
  • Be clear and transparent with your boundaries– Be clear with your decisions and intentions.  If you don’t want to do it today, you probably won’t want to do it three months from now.   Respect people in your life and honor them with a solid answer.  Don’t tell them to “Check back with me in a couple of months”, you’re creating more work for yourself down the road.  

Odds are that some won’t like your boundaries and may in fact become upset because of your desire to be honest and maintain your integrity. Don’t let this distract you or take you off your self-exploration journey.

There are a few more tips to help you on your journey to finding your uniqueness.  To learn more, go HERE to hear the full podcast.