How to Unlock Your Freedom/Stepping Into Your Uniqueness

26 January 2021 UYF Podcast

What does your genius look like?

Do you know what makes you unique OR do you understand? There’s a big difference between knowing and understanding.

In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing how you can find your way to your highest, most authentic self. The first key to unlocking your freedom is through self-exploration so that you can truly understand what your superpowers are and what sets you apart from everyone else.



In Today’s Episode We Discussed:

  • The importance of self-exploration
  • How to start owning your unique genius
  • Letting go of what other people think
  • Deciding how you feel for yourself
  • Lighting up your autonomy, master and purpose
  • Moving toward your highest most authentic self

Here is my question to you: what can you do to explore, create and expand more? Figure out what only you can do and use that to serve everybody around you. From there, you can create the life that you truly deserve.

See you next time.



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