How To Grow

19 January 2021 Mindset


“Love is the house of God & You are Living in that House.” – Rumi

The energy of life is love and life is being created all the time in an infinite amount of ways. However, this is only true about real love.

What does real love even look like?  ​Watch small kids as they move through the world and notice the joy they find in all of the simple things. Every time kids find their joy, you have truly seen real love. This is all the result of Joy = Love Expressed.

Why do we lose the ability to readily find joy and what actually happens?

Over time, children learn to think much like an adult due to their imitation of adult behavior. They learn to put limits on their love and forget to do it fearlessly. Most distressingly, overtime they forgot to love themselves.

Unconditional LOVE is Real Love. Everything else is simply a distortion of love. The most dangerous conditional love we offer is to ourselves. We often tell ourselves; “I’ll be happy if I get this job, find this husband, wife, boyfriend, etc.”

How are we expected to erase the boundaries around love that have been created by a lifetime of other’s ideas and opinions? You can unlock your freedom by surrendering to the only truth. His truth, the truth, which is God is Love.

The only question that remains to be asked of yourself in any interaction is- Am I coming from a place of love or of a place of fear?

One is power and therefore powerful. The other is full of control or force in which lies no power. So, what’s the solution? Let go and allow. Allow His love to flow to you and through you, true freedom.

When you don’t have to defend your opinions you’re free to be authentic, say no without penalty, say yes without retreat, love without limits, and surrender to live and love. It’s not the physical body that surrenders but instead its the mind giving up its stories. This allows love to rule with no interference.

Be Love.

All the Love,