How to Create Influence

15 July 2021 UYF Podcast

How to Create Influence


Are you influencing people in a positive way? 

In this episode, we are discussing what it takes to create influence on a broad scale. 

As leaders, people look to us as an example of how to act, how to be, and how to show up. If you want to create a positive impact, it’s important to understand how you are influencing people.

The process of influence starts with you, so I am talking about the work that you need to do in order to become the best leader that you can be.

To do this work, you will need to reflect and think about what kind of leader you are, and who you want to become. We will be doing that together in this episode!



In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How to show up as a leader 
  • Showing up with excellence 
  • How to measure your ability to influence 
  • The power of safety and connection 
  • Learning to influence on a small scale 
  • Why you need to get clear on where you want to go
  • The power of clear purpose 
  • Why you don’t have to believe everything you think
  • Being aware of your thoughts 
  • How to lean into your genius 


How can you be a better leader? Think about what you can take away from this episode to work on and improve. 

Remember to give yourself grace and compassion along the way. There’s no reason to expect perfection because guess what? Perfection is unattainable. 

Connect with me over on social media and let me know what you thought of this episode! I’d love to hear what you are going to do to become a better leader.


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