How to Connect to Your Purpose and Have Humility as a Leader with Justin Rizzo

16 September 2021 UYF Podcast

How to Connect to Your Purpose and Have Humility as a Leader with Justin Rizzo

If you felt called to do something you’ve never done before, would you answer the call? 

In this episode, Justin Rizzo is sharing his story with us. Justin is someone who is connected to his purpose, and he shows up in a humble, graceful way in an effort to serve. 

I’m excited to have him on the podcast because his story as a worship leader and production company owner is a unique and inspiring one. Justin knows what it takes to be a good leader, to do something you never thought you’d do, and to feel fulfilled in your purpose. 

Justin Rizzo is a worship leader, songwriter, composer, and recording artist based in Kansas City, Missouri. Over the past twenty years, he has led over 10,000 hours of LIVE worship. He has a passion for raising up worship leaders and creatives of all types and seeing them thrive. He also owns a production company called Firelight Creative that focuses on creating musicals and films. He has released multiple worship albums, been featured on multiple compilation projects, and has written and produced four full-length musicals. He also travels extensively to lead worship and speak at events around the world.



In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • The power of music 
  • Being open to hearing and answering God’s callings 
  • What it was like to start a production company 
  • The process of writing a musical 
  • The difference between writing music and writing copy
  • What it’s like to shift after 15 years in one field 
  • What it means to be successful 


I hope you enjoy listening to this conversation as much as I enjoyed recording it. It’s an honor to have Justin on the show and to get to hear more of his story. 

Justin has a link for listeners of this episode to access his course, Anchor Your Soul, for free! Click HERE to access the course or learn more about it. 


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