How to Be More as a Leader with NSD Jill Davis

11 February 2021 UYF Podcast

How to Be More as a Leader with NSD Jill Davis

Do you know what your unique strengths are? What about your superpowers?

Today I invited the one and only Jill Davis to the show. Jill is a National Sales Director for Mary Kay and is a perfect example of what a big, brilliant brain and beautiful heart can accomplish.

We’ll be covering everything from why she left the corporate world to what made her choose a life long career in Mary Kay and how she was able to accomplish becoming a National Sales Director. We are doing this diving into her distinctive strengths.



In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How to uncover your unique strengths
  • What qualities Jill used to not recognize as strengths
  • Why it’s important to be authentic in order to take massive action
  • What it means to be understanding and empathetic of other people’s strengths


I hope that you enjoyed this chat as much as I did and that it pushes you to be authentic and uncover strengths and superpowers that are unique to you.

See you next time.



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