Growing Up in a Direct Sales World with Anna-Marie Thompson

15 April 2021 UYF Podcast

Growing Up in a Direct Sales World with Anna-Marie Thompson

Do you want to know what it would be like to grow up in the direct sales business?

Anna looked up to her mom and aunt as they built careers in direct sales. She really loves how that provided such an amazing and inspiring family environment and culture. 

In this episode, she’s talking all about how she looked up to her mom and aunt as they built careers in direct sales, and how that provided such an amazing family environment. 

Anna is a 25-year-old car-driving Sales Director from Atlanta, GA. She is a dog mom, plant lover, and travel enthusiast. Using her Spanish degree, she hopes to grow her direct sales business into the Latinx markets and develop a multicultural unit. 

Anna has a unique perspective on her business because she grew up as the daughter of a top sales director and the niece of a national sales director in a large direct sales company. She is an example of just how much direct sales can impact generations and families in a positive way.



In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How direct sales builds family environments
  • The power of seeing hard-working women in our lives
  • Focusing on others instead of ourselves
  • The importance of nailing down your schedule 
  • Not canceling on yourself 
  • How to use competition in a healthy way 
  • The power of knowing the strengths of those around you 


Anna is such an inspiring young woman, and it was great to chat with her about how she was impacted by generations of direct sales success.

Are there people in your family that have inspired you in the direct sales industry? I would love to hear about it! Connect with me and let me know.


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