Making the Leap From Athlete to Thought Leader with Dre Baldwin

29 April 2021 UYF Podcast

Making the Leap From Athlete to Thought Leader with Dre Baldwin

Have you transitioned careers or thought about transitioning careers to create more freedom in your life? 

Dre Baldwin has a really great story about how he successfully transitioned from a career in professional basketball into the thought leadership space, and he’s sharing it with us in this episode. 

He’s opening up about his experience writing books, giving TED Talks, and helping others change their mindsets and their lives.

Dre is a former 9-year pro basketball player and 27-time author who built the “Work On Your Game” brand. He also wrote a book of the same name about discipline, confidence, mental toughness, and personal initiative.

He has performed 4 TEDxTalks, has over 135,000 subscribers on YouTube, and his daily Work On Your Game podcast has been downloaded over 3 million times.



In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • The importance of mindset 
  • Translating skills from sports to business 
  • Keeping your mind open to learning new things 
  • How to have grit and increase your mental toughness 
  • How to make decision-making easier 
  • Gaining more confidence 
  • Staying focused in order to maximize your time 


Dre is a content-generating machine and is just a really cool human. 

I’m glad that you are able to get a peek inside of the mind of a champion. I hope this inspires you to implement some of the things that he says and think about how you could potentially create more freedom in your life through your career.


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