How Devin M. Butler Found Joy in Her Calling

6 May 2021 UYF Podcast

How Devin M. Butler Found Joy in Her Calling

How do you keep your business joyful and creative? Do those things allow you to happily live in your purpose?

I am interviewing Devin M. Butler in this episode, and we are talking all about the joys of owning a business from crafting authentic moments on social media to building connections with clients and more.

Devin M. Butler is a dynamic mother of two tiny humans, an entrepreneur, a former collegiate athlete, and an NPR fanatic. She’s the Owner and Creative Director of JoyPop where earrings are created from the understanding that Joy is a choice and Pop is your presence. She was born in Baltimore and raised in Dallas, but she birthed her creative side in Washington, DC, New York, and Miami. As the saying goes: “Man plans and God laughs.” 



In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Using what you love to create income 
  • Why you should never put limits on yourself 
  • The value of tapping into your inner child 
  • How to stay in creation in life and business
  • Using StrengthsFinder to understand how you relate to others 
  • Realizing that no one has it all together 
  • Why success does not happen alone 


I hope you enjoyed this episode with Devin as much as I did. She is so humble and inspiring!

I strongly encourage you to go check out Devin’s creations over on her Instagram! If you see something you love, go to her website and use the code LISTEN UP at checkout for a discount!


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www.joyyypoppp.com – Use coupon code: LISTEN UP

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