7 Steps You Can Take to Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs

27 May 2021 UYF Podcast

7 Steps You Can Take to Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs


What limiting beliefs are keeping you from achieving your full potential?

We are diving into where our limiting beliefs come from and how we can eliminate them in this episode.

There was a time that I let my limiting beliefs hold me back from doing something, so I am explaining that along with what I’ve learned since then. 

Now, I have a 7 step system to eliminate limiting beliefs that you can use in your life too.


In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How our limiting beliefs can hold us back 
  • The alternative to limiting beliefs 
  • Where our limiting beliefs come from 
  • How to stop basing your beliefs on other people’s opinions 
  • Moving from interfering to allowing 
  • Why you should detach from the outcome 
  • The power of saying ”I don’t know”
  • What happens when you get outside your comfort zone


Do you have any beliefs that were created by other people? I really want you to think about this and move on from what other people have said.

Pay attention to the steps at the end of the episode. Listen again and write them down if you have to! 

If you really take the time to work on these steps, let me know! You will see that it is so worth it.


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