How to Eliminate Mental Blocks in Your Business and Life

4 February 2021 UYF Podcast

What’s the one thing that’s always present when you’re moving towards change?

It’s resistance with a capital R.

Resistance is the common denominator between all types of change, and it’s the thing that often stops you, slows you down or stands in the way of you getting everything you’ve ever desired.

For this week’s episode, I would love to help you learn how to identify and harness the resistance in your life and your business so that you can really take those quantum leaps in your performance towards whatever goals you laid out for yourself this year.



In Today’s Episode We Discussed: 

  • How you can identify the resistance in your life
  • Why living your life in reaction mode is dangerous
  • How to attract the people that are in line with your core values
  • The difference between knowing something and understanding
  • What to do to push through resistance

Now, I’d like for you to take action. Make a list of 5 ways that resistance shows up in your business and 5 ways that it shows up in your personal life. Once you’ve done this, see where there are similarities. For each of the areas you identified resistance in both, write down one action you can take to move through that resistance the next time it pops up.

Every time you push through resistance it will benefit you across the board in your life because it makes you stronger, keeps you growing and helps you expand.

See you next time.



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